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Thursday, May 19, 2011

towards financial freedom

klu b4 ni cite sal cr kerja je kn,,ak da mls. hahaha
kije uruskn kebon sayur adik ak lg bgos,,
income dpt,,kije pown xde la pagi smpai mlm..
mkn blh kt umah.. sng cite SENANG lah!
ye k? haha

akibat drpd cuti y t'lalu panjang nie..
ak isi kn dgn aktiviti2 y b'pekdah seperti
1. meniarap dpn tv tgk 'sejuta cinta marshanda' pastu 'marimar' pastu lagi 'nur kasih'
2. men game kt FB x abes2
3. kutip bendir kt kebon blkang
4. tido sampai petang
5  bagi rabbit2 mkn..
6. jd driver adik aku 
7. full time lover.. hahaha
8. kemas umah..kemas umah..kemas umah
9. sapu taik kelawar * pleng ak benci (jgn x taw klawar dok 'sewa' bumbung umah ak)
10. b'cakap dgn kucing2 aku.

hohooo.. byk sungguh aktiviti aku kn?hahaha
skunk aku nk tmbah g 1 y pleng b'pekdah..
bce buku 'top money tips for malaysian' by KCLau

1st edition by KCLau 1st edition ny.. tp ak xde pown.. sbb ak beli advance..
 tros jump to 2nd edition

ni aku ade la..

bosan?? eh x la.. ak lg suke bace buku2 mcm ni compared to novel2 cinta..
huhu..mmg x pernah minat bce novel..except 'ombak cinta' & 'ombak cinta 2'
tu  je y ak pnah bace.huhu

so,, ape kejadah ny aku bace 'top money tips' nie?
 '' nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion'' by hegel
so,, i know this is my passion.. this is the real me! 
i love to read all things that related to financial,,investment,, unit trust,, etc.
i know, i got all this passion from my father.. he is very excellent in this things. he got NO house loan, NO car loan, no mortgage, NO personal loan and NO credit card debt..
he only have FINANCIAL FREEDOM!!
it is awesome for those have no debt!! 
he manage his financial in very good way! i wanna be just like him!!

my beginning steps towards financial freedom:

1. turn my passion into money-making-machine!
    yes,,this is what i'm doing right now bebeh!!! i know that to be success is taking time (long term) and also commitment. if you choose to work on your passion, you will enjoy your work & be great! your passion will drive you to your success! 

2. getting car for FREE.
the 1st car i drove was citroen xsara given by abah. he bought it last year and cost him around RM 10,000. even abah are not directly said that 'this car belongs to you'... but i know that's for me! haha love both of you mama & abah! i can save money,instead of paying down payment for new car, i can put it to my saving account.

3. start now for investment..
my 1st share is in Bank Rakyat.. of cause it been fully sponsored by abah!
coz i have no income yet! Bank Rakyat is the highers paid dividend in Malaysia (if i'm not mistaken).. 
i also planning to invest in unit trust but i need money. so i planning to taking loan from tapem.. half i'll used for my studies expenses & half for investing...
start investing now,,as soon as possible,, as young as possible my dear!
let money work positively for you but, money needs time to get compounded. 
now, i already start to set aside my extra money to make it available for my future investment.

4. learn more to be a good investor!
i know that my knowledge for financial is very little... i need time and sincerely person guide me on the right track & i know abah can help me..

i think this is enough to share for this entry.. haha 
oh yes! i wondering to get partner who can support & help me in this things. 
calon da ade. hehe

da pkol 1.38 am pown.. bek ak tido..

p/s: pliz ignore the grammar..hehe

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